About The Rookie

Changing The Way Hose Is Managed

Firefighting is hard dangerous work and managing a variety of hoses sizes quickly and efficiently can be vital in disaster situations. So why should a simple yet essential non-emergency task such as rolling fire hose be either difficult or dangerous? Shouldn't firefighters be able to roll, transport, re-deploy and re-deck fire hoses quickly, easily and safely, saving their energy and physical condition for the demanding task of suppressing fires?

Deschutes River Manufacturing, LLC's founder David Johnston thought the answers to these questions were obvious. So in 2002 he tapped his 27 years of mechanical experience to develop an ingeniously well-designed, portable, motorized fire hose roller. Since then it has been put to the test by industrial, municipal and wildland departments throughout the world and evolved into an innovative and advanced hose management system.

The Rookie product line has been designed to meet two main concerns of those handling long lengths of heavy, unwieldy fire hose:

(1) Safety: As might be expected, muscle and back injuries account for nearly 50% of firefighter injuries. The Rookie hose management systems are ergonomically engineered to reduce the risk of back injury, strains and sprains. The value proposition is simple; if a Rookie system prevents just one back injury, it has paid for itself. The Rookie is a vital piece of equipment that is changing the way industrial, municipal and wild land operations manage fire hoses and reduce risks.

(2) Efficiency: Manually retrieving, expelling liquid, rolling and transporting fire hose are time consuming, labor-intensive tasks. The Rookie accomplishes work in half the time of manual retrieval, with minimal physical exertion, thus freeing fire fighters for more productive activities and improving fire suppression outcomes.

We are committed to continually researching, developing and field testing the highest quality, best designed fire hose handling equipment technology available today. Have an idea for a new or improved product? Please tell us about it so together we can make firefighting easier and safer for the men and women who put their lives on the line every day.