Protect Your Own

The most recent, comprehensive study of firefighter safety found that “muscle injuries (primarily strains and sprains) accounted for nearly half of firefighter injuries. Overexertion is a primary cause for muscle injuries, many of which involved the back. Back injuries can result in many lost days of work and, with recurring flareups over the years, can incur substantial medical expenses and overtime costs.”

The good news...  we know that back injuries can be prevented by limiting the frequent bending and twisting that comes from rolling and lifting hose.  The Rookie's automated and portable commercial hose reels directly address this common cause of back injury.

We know your want to limit pain and suffering for your crew. And, we know budgets are tight. The cost of avoidable injuries further justifies in investment of injury prevention tools. Nearly 1/3 of fire fighter injuries result in lost work time with direct costs for injured firefighters totaling about $260 million per year. Factoring in lost work time, possibly higher insurance premiums, disability and early retirement payments, overtime for substitutes, and costs to train replacement personnel, even the least severe injuries were estimated result in a per injury cost $74,000 to $97,000.

Source: “The Economic Consequences of Firefighter Injuries and their Prevention. Final Report.” Prepared by TriDate Corporation on behalf of: U.S. Department of Commerce, Building and Fire Research Laboratory, and the National Institute of Standards and Technology. 

“Hose rolling is one of the top causes of sprains and strains. If The Rookie prevents even one injury, it’s worth the investment.”

- Don Willis, Captain/Training Officer, Sunriver Fire & Rescue


“Your equipment reduces our exposure to physical injuries when we are the most vulnerable. Thank you for producing such a fine piece of equipment that allows firefighters to do a difficult job with a reduced risk of injury and fatigue.”

- Rick Smith, Fire Chief, Monroe RFPD




Save Precious Time

Whether working with wildland hose, structural hose or everything in between most crews find that The Rookie commercial hose roller systems reduce their hose management time by at least 50%.  The ability to switch from one hose size to another without specialized tools plus the added efficiency of accessories like the Reloader results in hundreds of saved labor hours every year.

“We have used the Rookie for the past three years during our annual NFPA hose test process. The Rookie greatly increased our efficiency, quickly rolling both wildland and structure hose. The Rookie has saved us hundreds of man-hours that were formerly spent hand-rolling over 50,000 feet of hose each year.”

- Andy Louden, Battalion Chief Corvallis, Oregon Fire Department

“We recently upgraded to 5-inch hose on our engines. The Rookie has helped us with that for two main reasons: One is safety - the larger diameter hose is heavier, harder to handle and more like to cause back injuries. And the other is time - The Rookie does a better job getting air out of the hose for redecking hose. Now we don't need as many people on the ground, and we're back on the truck a lot faster.”

- Gary Sppor, Assistant Chief, South Bend, WA Volunteer Fire Department