Efficiency -- Save Precious Time

Cut your hose management time in half!  Rookie Sidekick hose management systems enable your crew to quickly roll, clean, test, and redeck hose.  When compared to manual rolling, the roll time alone is at least 50% faster.  The ability to switch from one hose size to another without specialized tools plus the added efficiency of accessories like the Reloader, saves your department hundreds of man hours every year.  Used by fire crews, hose testers, hazmat teams, industrial cleaning crews, ski resorts, sewage and septic services and a variety of industrial customers, The Rookie Sidekick hose rollers save time and money any where flat laying, high pressure hose is used.  

Most Rookie customer's find their Sidekick's pay for themselves in saved labor costs within the first six months use.  Finish site clean-up and get your crew and equipment back in service faster with The Rookie!



Safety -- Prevent Injuries   

We know you always strive to reduce pain and injuries for your crew.  And, we know that budgets are always tight!  

The cost of avoidable injuries further justifies your investment in The Rookie hose management systems.  Nearly 1/3 of firefighter injuries results in lost work time with direct costs for injured fire fighters totaling $260 million dollars per year.  Factoring in lost work time, possibly higher insurance premiums, disability leave or early retirement, overtime for substitutes... even the most minor of back injuries has been found to cause flare-ups over the years with the least severe injuries estimated to cost a department $74,000 - $97,000 per injury.

Consider, now, the amount of bending and twisting needed to roll and manage long and heavy lengths of hose.  Just one prevented injury justifies a Rookie Sidekick purchase.  Fell free to ask around.  The Rookie Sidekick prevents back injuries.

Need more help estimating the total cost of injuries and The Rookie’s value in preventing injuries to your budget managers?  Click here to download the most recent, comprehensive study of firefighter and industrial worker safety detailing the high rate and cost of back injuries and recommended prevention techniques.



Durability – Built to Last

The Rookie was originally designed to stand up to the abusive environment of wildland fire fighting.  Many of our rollers introduced over 10 years ago are still in active use today.  They just need an occasional belt, bushing, or cable replacement.  We continue to refine our products to meet customers’ evolving needs and to make use of material improvements.  You can count on your own Rookie purchase standing the test of time.