Efficiency Benefits

Save Precious Time

The Rookie Sidekick commercial hose reel solutions roll hose 50% faster than manual rolling. The ability to quickly switch from one hose to another plus the added efficiency of accessories like the Reloader, get crews in service faster and save hundreds of man hours every year for both fire crews, hose testers, and commercial customers. 

“We have used the Rookie for the past three years during our annual NFPA hose test process. The Rookie greatly increased our efficiency, quickly rolling both wildland and structure hose. The Rookie has saved us hundreds of man-hours that were formerly spent hand-rolling over 50,000 feet of hose each year.”

- Andy Louden, Battalion Chief Corvallis, Oregon Fire Department

“We recently upgraded to 5-inch hose on our engines. The Rookie Sidekick has helped us with that for two main reasons: One is safety - the larger diameter hose is heavier, harder to handle and more like to cause back injuries. And the other is time - The Rookie does a better job getting air out of the hose for redecking hose. Now we don't need as many people on the ground, and we're back on the truck a lot faster.”

- Gary Sppor, Assistant Chief, South Bend, WA Volunteer Fire Department