Rookie Gas Roller

The newly updated Rookie Hose Roller has been improved again based on input from customers and the USFS.

The gas powered version allows for versatile operation off the grid or in the field.
Out of the box these hose rollers are ready for immediate use with no extra parts or tools required.  The machines can be hitch mounted, bench mounted or ATV mounted.  We also sell a Portable Stand specifically designed to work with the rollers.
Part Number: RG

Price: $4,390.00


  • Rolls up to 100 foot lengths of .75" to 7.25" hose
  • Removes air and water during the rolling process
  • Heavy duty powder coated steel construction
  • Made in the USA
  • One year warranty
  • 155 pounds; 32" L x 16" W x 29" H



  • Efficiency: easily cuts rolling time in half
  • Safety: prevents unnecessary injuries
  • Durability: designed for years of rugged use
  • Reliable: majority of units still in use after 10 years
  • Versatile: one unit rolls any size hose
  • Economical: typically pays for itself in the first year

Power Options

Powered by a Honda GX100UTQA 3HP horizontal engine, gas driven Sidekicks are the option of choice for crews operating off the grid or preferring highly mobile use.

Suggested Sprocket size options

  • 10 tooth sprocket for 1.5in. and smaller hose
  • 14 tooth sprocket for 3 in. and smaller hose
  • 28 tooth sprocket for 7.25 in and smaller hose

The Rookie Hose Roller is alternately available with an electric motor.




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