If you have a question not answered here or on the product pages please let us know so we can add it! You can also see more videos of the products in action on our YouTube channel.

General Questions

1. Where are the products made?  All our products are designed and built in central Oregon - proudly made in the USA.

2. How Durable are the products?  These rollers are used in demanding wildland, municipal and industrial settings.  They are not cheap, but built with quality and designed to last for decades.  Selling replacement units or contributing to landfills is not part of our business model.

3. Do I need a dock to receive shipment?  A dock, a forklift or a couple people are needed to get it off the truck.  If you don't have any of those liftgate service can be added for an additional fee.

4. Do you ship internationally?  Shipping to Canada or Mexico is no problem - we just need to be able to confirm your customs broker via phone or email.  Shipping overseas presents some unique challenges for small orders.  In these instances customers are required to pay up front via wire (sorry, no credit cards or checks), make all shipping arrangements and assume risk from our dock. Please contact us if you're interested in exploring this further.

Additional Product Specifications

1. What are the gear ratios?  The rollers can be configured for a 30:1 ratio for speed (wildland applications typically 3” hose and smaller) or a 60:1 ratio for torque.

2. How long is the throttle cable?  The length is 7 feet and it can be moved around for operator comfort and stored within the framework of the unit when not in use.

3. How difficult is the maintenance?  The rollers are designed with top quality components for minimal maintenance and decades of use.  Three areas to pay attention to: (1) After heavy use or at the end of the season it's a good idea to check for loosened nuts or screws and tighten as needed; (2) Use OEM reccomendations for the motors; and (3) replace the gear reducer oil roughly every 6 months or 2,500 operating hours.

4. How do I replace the gear reducer oil?  The gear reducer comes filled from the factory.  To replace the oil drain it from the bottom plug then refill with Mobil 600W Super Cylinder to the middle plug located half-way up the body of the gear reducer.  DO NOT OVERFILL - damage will occur!